Robert L. Millet, LDS author and former Dean of Religious Instruction at BYU

"No topic is more penetrating and profound than the Atonement of the Lord Jesus Christ, and thus no topic is more difficult to conceptualize or to visualize than the infinite and eternal work of our Redeemer. Because of this, I am thrilled to be able to recommend Robert Hatch’s outstanding film, “Infinite Gift.” It touches the heart deeply and enlarges the understanding impressively. It will be valued greatly by both young and old."

Jim W.

In the film “Infinite Gift,” we see how the lives of Emily, Jason, Julia – all of them – are profoundly changed. They come to understand what Christ's Infinite Gift means to them personally, and to everyone. They find solutions – God’s solutions – to their problems. So, what does Christ’s Infinite Gift mean to you? Every day of your life you will answer that question. Your life will be your answer. Experience what happens to these people in “Infinite Gift” and you will not be the same. The message of “Infinite Gift” is absolutely outstanding!! Motivates to appreciate the Atonement and ponder and search scriptures. Want one for the bishop, gifts for family and friends. Wonderful!!

Gary W.

"This was one of the most powerful movies I have ever seen. It depicts Christ’s Atonement in a way that moved me more than anything I have yet encountered. It was a perfect movie to watch on the Sabbath Day. Thank you to Robert Hatch for writing, directing, and producing this jewel for teaching family members about the Atonement in a way they will never forget."

Bishop Mel H.

"My wife aned I just watched the movie you gave me. It touched my heart and will become an important part of my counseling interviews. Thank you."